School Events - including: Formals Staff Functions Parent/Teacher Weddings Engagements Bridal Showers Corporate Events
Meetings & Seminars Birthday Parties Christenings and Your own special event.
Healthy Bites Canteen provides catering for your school canteen as well as for a wide range of events:
With over 12 years experience in catering for schools, formals, weddings and corporate events,
Healthy Bites Canteen
works with you to create a personalised and sustainable program of menus that are guaranteed to answer all of your needs.
Our professional approach to these events ensure menus of the freshest, preservative free meals organised to the highest standards with guidelines that follow the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy.
Our association with the Pietro Italian Restaurant, allows us to structure a wide range of menus tailored to suit students of all ages and special food needs.
Contact us today about your school canteen, special event or meeting.
We can design a menu that covers your requirements from healthy, hot meals for schools through to formal corporate events and meetings.
Healthy Bites Canteen
serves freshly prepared, wholesome and healthy food daily.
Our foods are preservative free, fresh
(not frozen)
and are star rated (
). The star rating is based on the energy (kilojoule) content, plus a balance of healthy nutrients, more dietary fibre, protein and a proportion of fruit, vegetable and legume content. The rating also allows for a balance of the less healthy nutrients of saturated fat, salt and sugar.
Healthy Bites Canteen
will work with your school to revamp/refurbish your canteen to create a professional look including custom designed menus, equipment and, using the
Healthy Canteens Checklist
to support your school canteen to be healthy.
Our staff are professionally trained and take pride in working with the school and of course, the children.
Healthy Bites Canteen
create healthy menus and, preparing the freshest, natural foods for your students. Designed to help and promote healthy meal choices and all at an affordable cost.
Healthy Bites Canteen
are at the forefront of creating healthy menus and making fresh, natural foods that students love to eat.